Teaching Climate Change

Qualified by National Geographic, we support you teaching climate change in your classroom, integrating services into the learning goals, and doing more together in your schools.


Getting Audit Ready

With rich experiences in the international certification industry, we support you getting ready before any audit according to recognised standards, for example, Toitū carbon zero organisation.


Leed & Green Building

From financial and technical perspectives, we study the feasibility of any plan toward your green building goals and the possibility of being certified.

Emission Trading

Sourcing Carbon Credits

We have rich experiences in sourcing carbon credits globally through serving Global Top 500 companies in the past 20 years. These experiences ensure to achieve your zero carbon goal effectively and efficiently.
  • Local Knowledge

    In 2013, we were accredited by Eco-Mark Solution (known as Toitū Envirocare today) to provide carbon consulting services in New Zealand.

  • Global Experience

    We have more than 20-year experience in carbon compliance, reduction project development, and emission trading in Europe and China.

  • Affordable Cost

    We place particular importance on listening to your real needs and working closely with you to deliver the most effective and efficient solution.


We are MAGIC

Greenfield is an outstanding consultancy with over 20-year experience in carbon and energy management. We create the MAGIC Pathways to support our clients achieving their carbon management goals. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions toward a low-carbon future.Starting our business with a carbon management capability building project funded by the European Union and a series of carbon auditing qualification training for top international 3rd-party entities, we extend our services to support clients to measure carbon footprint and reduce carbon emissions by our solid and practical knowledge and rich experience in climate science and statistics, in carbon compliance and auditing, and in risk management for emission trading.

Nigel Zhang (aka. Mr Tuatara)

Founder & ex- Carbon Auditor qualified by UNFCCC

The MAGIC is in your hands!

  1. The thumb is carbon M·easurement. Without our thumbs, we would be unable to do many tasks.
  2. The pointer finger is A·nalysis. Analysing carbon data and activities helps us to point out carbon reduction potentials.
  3. The long finger is miti·G·ation. It reminds us that carbon reduction is a long journey.
  4. The ring finger is I·ntegration. New Zealand curriculum requires us to integrate climate change into our classrooms.
  5. The pinky finger is C·ommunication. Make a “pinky promise” on carbon neutralisation with school stakeholders.

Our Capabilities

We are founded by Mr Tuatara, an ex- Carbon Auditor qualified by the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC). He is also a Certified Educator by National Geographic to teach climate change in classrooms globally.

Leading Carbon Consulting Firm

20Years of Experience


Google Business

  • 33 Kyoto carbon projects

  • Carbon accounting for 55 multinational companies

  • More than 10 New Zealand School carbon initials

  • Technical review for ERPA implementation covering more than 4,500,000tCO2 credits annually

We will Make Your Zero Carbon Goal Come True

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible results.

The Export-Import Bank of China assigned Greenfield as an independent technical reviewer and assessor for environmental impact reports and environmental management plans of proposed project activities under the China Energy Efficiency Financing Project (CHEEF) backed by the Chinese government, World Bank and Global Energy Facility (GEF). They are an excellent consulting firm and actually make them extremely valuable consultants which can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, and build bridges between the bank and project owners.

Yuan Li

Director of On-Lending Loans

Our latest projects.

At Greenfield, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company.Greenfield is a leading carbon consulting firm offering carbon accounting, carbon reduction project design, carbon certification audit preparation, carbon credit sourcing and emission trading.

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