Howick Local Schools Carbon Accounting Project

Contracted with Auckland Council, we provide carbon measurement service to Howick Local educational institutes from 2020. Starting from calculating the carbon emission reductions from local schools’ waste minimisation project, we inspired three schools to kick off their carbon footprint initiatives in 2020. It is the key to the success of these projects that how to collect emission-related data effectively and efficiently. When the school tries to understand the emissions from staff commuting, the data collection becomes more complicated. We designed an Excel spreadsheet to guide the schools to collect data. This document simplifies the school’s procedure of finding input data for the online carbon calculator recommended by the council. More importantly, comparing the results by Excel and those by the online calculator helps teachers to understand the nature of carbon measurement more deeply. This capability contributes to teaching climate change in their classrooms. Meanwhile, we go to schools and support teachers to deliver climate lessons. We are happy to see that the number of schools involved is creasing obviously.
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