Integration improves businesses effectiveness and efficiency to get certified according to different standards, for example, integrating ISO 14061 carbon management into your existing ISO systems. This is a tailored service, and thus please feel free to contact us at 022 086 6070.

For school teachers, it is also a challenge to integrate climate change into the learning goals. The followings are what we are doing now with local teachers.

Teaching & Learning Goals

  • Teaching climate change in your classroom (science, mathematics, social studies, art, technology and languages), e.g., carbon cycle, carbon reservoir, fossil fuels, climate refugees, climate and biodiversity and etc.

  • Integrate your climate teaching goals into community services, e.g., actions to contribute to reduction, awareness education and etc.

Teaching Climate Change in Your Classroom

Nigel and pupils from Sunnyhills School discussed climate change. The pupils explored Nigel’s roles as auditor in carbon management in 2020 and then learnt to calculate school carbon footprints in 2021. The Sunnyhills School Environmental Blog is available here.
The initial models were created by campers at YES! Camp to understand the carbon cycle (minimum requirement: including photosynthesis, water cycle and rock cycle). More details about what we learned at the camp are available here.
We explored the carbon sources and carbon sinks at YES! Camp July 2021. Campers modified their models that were created at April’s camp. We started to collect data to measure the carbon footprint of our camp.

We will Make Your Zero Carbon Goal Come True

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible results.

Other Services

  • Analyse

    Our solid knowledge in the areas of carbon accounting provides schools and businesses with a high-level understanding of their carbon footprinting and relevant behaviour patterns. Globally accepted methodologies will be

  • Communicate

    Your leadership for a zero-carbon New Zealand enhances the reputation and/or profits and also helps assure the best return on investment on your carbon management. Communicating your low-carbon progress will